How to track time in Mavenlink

Mavenlink is powerful cloud-based application for team collaboration and project management. For a person new to Mavenlink, it may not be obvious how to enter time or edit time. This tutorial takes you through the step-by-step process of tracking your time. There are several cool features, including a timer that keeps running even if you browse away from the page and come back later.

Step 1: Select your project

Login to Mavenlink and select the project for which you want to track time.

Step 2: Click on “Time & Expenses”

Mavenlink Time and Expenses

Step 3: Click on “Track Time”

Mavenlink Track Time

Step 4: Select the task for which you want to track time.

Mavenlink time to task

Step 5: Choose to enter time either by the timer or entering it manually.

If you just sit down to start a task, simply click on “Start” on the timer. The timer is not browser based, which means that it will continue to track time even if you browse away from the page. You can even login to Mavenlink from a different computer and you’ll see that the timer is still running. When you are ready to log the time, you don’t have to pause the timer first; just click “Save” and Mavenlink will enter the time below.

If you choose to enter time manually, select the date from the calendar and enter it in the format of 0h 0m. For example, three and a half hours would be entered as 3h 15m.

If the project has a budget enabled, you will see the option to track your time as billable or non-billable. If you want the time to be billable, you must enter a number greater than zero for the rate.

Mavenlink timer

Step 6: Edit time as needed

After you have entered time it will appear in the Time Entries table below. To edit it click on the pencil, to delete it click on the trash can.

Mavenlink Edit time

Step 7: Click “Update” to edit time entry

After you click on the pencil to edit, the entry is loaded in the Track Time section. From there you can change amount of time, change the task it is associated with, or change the billable rate.

Mavenlink Update Time

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  1. Thanks for all of the screenshots. Really helps make it easier. I have been using Mavenlink for awhile and will definitely send this to new people I invite as a guide.

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