As technology continues to evolve, more businesses are able to operate remotely in an effective and efficient manner. For many, a home-based workforce offers unparalleled perks for the employee and the business, including flexibility and lower costs. But the lack of a real office has its downsides, such as no real professional location or opportunity for answering calls, delivering packages or hosting business meetings.

Perhaps it’s time to compare Denver virtual offices, designed to deliver benefits of a brick and mortar building without the overhead of owning or leasing the space itself.

Offering a variety of services such as a permanent mailing address with mail forwarding, a dedicated company phone line with calls answered by real or virtual receptionists and/or call forwarding, email forwarding and as-needed access to other perks such as a conference room, Denver virtual offices lend credibility to a business with a primarily home-based staff while reducing the traditional expenses associated with office space.

In addition to the professionalism a virtual office in Denver can give, a prestigious local address (such as a downtown location) provides an important SEO benefit. Since business addresses acquired through a virtual office are entirely legal (you can officially register your business with the Secrtary of State using your Denver virual office address), Google and other search engines may recongnize your business as residing somewhere in Denver’s central business district, when in reality, you do most of your work from home.

While most people envision entrepreneurs, start-up companies or other small businesses employing the virtual office model, in reality several different professions utilize virtual offices, including attorneys, accountants, consultants and non-profits.

We compared the following top ranking Denver Colorado virtual offices for our clients to consider:


Business Address & Mail

Company Name Virtual Address Cost of Address (Per Month) Cost of Mail Forwarding (Per Month)
Your Office Denver, Downtown (80202) $50.00 (month-to-month) Postage cost + 20%
Opus Virtual Offices Denver (80265) $99.00 (3 month inclusive contract) Postage only (if once per week)
Regus Multiple Front Range Locations $99.00 Postage only (if once per week)
Execu-center Aurora (80015) $95.00 (month-to-month) Postage only (if once per week)
Office Evolution Multiple Front Range Locations $99.00 Postage cost + 30%
Intelligent Office Multiple Denver Locations (80202, 80206, 80237) $115.00 (12 month contract) Postage only (if once per week)
The Boardroom Executive Suites Denver, Cherry Creek (80209) $75.00 Postage cost + $2.00
Denver Executive Suites Denver, Tech Center (80111) $65.00 (6 month contract) Postage cost + $10.00
Centennial Executive Suites Centennial (80112) $45.00 $55.00/month ($330.00 paid in advance for 6 month contract; $540.00 paid in advance for 12 month contract)
Corporate Office Centers Multiple Front Range Locations $105.00 Postage only (if once per week)
Da Vinci Virtual Office Multiple Denver Locations (80237, 80209, 80202, 80111) $70.00 (6 month contract) Postage cost + $35


Phone Answering Services

Want a real human to answer your phone? If so, consider the options below. However if you are on a very tight budget or if you would like a unique phone number for your business but still answer the phone yourself, consider a VoIP phone number, such as from FreedomIQ. For around $10/month, you can get a unique number that you can list as your business phone number and have it ring directly to your cell phone. Then you can configure it so that the caller ID on your cell phone shows that the call is coming from your business phone number so you can give the call an impressionable, professional answer. What’s more is you can set it up so that the call will go back to your VoIP provider if you can’t answer it, and the caller will hear your voicemail for your business line rather than the voicemail of your personal cell phone. Cool, huh?

However if you need a real human being (rather than you) to answer calls during normal business hours, then be sure to get a phone answering service along with your Denver virtual office.

Company Name Receptionist Forward Calls Cost of Voicemail Cost of Call Forwarding
Your Office Live Yes Included Included
Opus Virtual Offices Live M-F (8:30 am – 5:30 pm) $99.00 (3 month contract) 2 included in $99.00/month price Will ring up to 4 numbers (included in $99.00/month price)
Regus Live No Included in Telephone Answering Packages ($179 for Denver 80202 location) N/A
Execu-center Live M-F (8:00 am – 5:00 pm) By request Included in EC Live Answer Plan Included in EC Live Answer Plan ($125/month)
Office Evolution ? No No N/A
Intelligent Office Live Yes Included Included
The Boardroom Executive Suites Live during business hours Yes Included in Virtual Office: Silver ($175/month) Included in Virtual Office: Silver ($175/month)
Denver Executive Suites Personalized No Included N/A
Centennial Executive Suites Live $45.00 Included Included in the Advantage Plan
Corporate Office Centers Virtual or Live (Depends on plan) No Included in all plans N/A
Da Vinci Virtual Office Not included in basic virtual office package No Not included in basic virtual office package Not included in basic virtual office package


Meeting Space & Conference Centers

Company Name Conference Room for Rent? Cost Per Hour Office Space for Occasional Rent?
Your Office Yes $10.00 No
Opus Virtual Offices No (Not in Denver) N/A No
Regus Yes $52.20 (1 hour meeting room rental at 80202 location) Yes
Execu-center Yes $15.00 Yes
Office Evolution Yes $30.00 Yes
Intelligent Office Yes $16.00 Yes
The Boardroom Executive Suites Yes $20.00 Yes
Denver Executive Suites Yes $25.00 Yes
Centennial Executive Suites Yes $15.00 Yes
Corporate Office Centers Yes $20.00 with contract (Other plans included 16 or 32 hours) No
Da Vinci Virtual Office Yes $25.00 Yes

What’s your experience with a virtual office in Denver? Any other services we’ve missed on this list?


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