Transformative Brand Evolution: Enhancing Identity, User Experience, and Market Differentiation

A Case Study


Meet Andres and Karima, the dynamic duo behind Extreme Painting, a thriving company nestled in sunny San Diego, California. With a remarkable track record spanning more than a decade, this husband and wife, and their team have seamlessly catered to a diverse clientele, encompassing luxury residential estates and bustling commercial ventures alike.


Andres and Karima sought to expand their business and enhance local brand recognition, prompting their collaboration with Green Hat Web Solutions. While Extreme Painting's painting services were already exceptional, the challenge lay in strategically attracting new customers. Recognizing the limitations of previous branding and word-of-mouth efforts, they aimed for swift differentiation from competitors to achieve their ambitious growth targets.

“We needed to create a new logo and branding strategy,” Karima told an interviewer from Clutch. “We liked the lettering, but not the design of the logo, and my sister created the website on Wix so it needed to be redesigned.”

“We chose Green Hat because they had good value for cost and our company values really aligned. Plus we liked the fact that they were also a family-owned company.”


Extreme Painting teamed up with Green Hat in a three-phase partnership to craft a culturally resonant brand identity, fashion a fresh logo and brand guide rooted in company culture, and bring these evolutions to life through a revamped website. This collaborative journey produced the following outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of brand identity
  • Brand-aligned marketing language for materials and website.
  • Brand style guide
  • Redesigned logo
  • New brand color scheme and fonts
  • Updated business card
  • New professional website

The Brand Identity Guide that Green Hat provided included updated logos, a new brand color scheme, and brand typography. Its style guidelines were created to reflect Extreme Painting’s archetypes and brand story, and to communicate that story to the world. These guidelines allowed Green Hat to develop new business cards, keywords, and website themes that truly reflected Extreme Painting’s needs. 


Green Hat is happy to announce we are still working with Extreme Painting, maintaining their website and helping them continue to invest in their company identity. 

A Clear Brand and Service Identity

Guided by Green Hat's expertise, a collection of impactful keywords and taglines were curated that not only bolstered Extreme Painting's SEO but also seamlessly echoed the company's core values:

  • "Determination" 
  • “Commitment”
  • “Focus” and 
  • "Going the Extra Mile."

By authentically integrating these values into the brand and website, a genuine sense of trust and loyalty was nurtured among clients.

Furthermore, the establishment of this distinct brand and service identity extended beyond mere aesthetics. It provided Extreme Painting with a clear vision for its future endeavors. While other enterprises might falter in adapting to changing times, Extreme Painting is able to anchor itself in a distinct vision and identity. This strength allows the company to evolve thoughtfully without compromising the trust and loyalty of its valued customers.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Extreme Painting's collaboration with Green Hat brought forth remarkable advantages, especially evident in the skillful redesign of its website. This professional overhaul, underpinned by Green Hat's deep grasp of both UX and the brand, resulted in a more refined and sophisticated online presence. Notably, this transformation manifested as an uplifted perception of Extreme Painting, resonating positively with clients who now enjoyed an enriched user experience on the revamped site. With the website seamlessly aligned with the company's values and delivering a superior user journey, clients expressed heightened satisfaction, underscoring the tangible benefits that arose from the partnership with Green Hat.

“We get so many compliments on our website,” Karima told the interviewer.

Continued Business Growth

Extreme Painting's momentum shows no signs of slowing down, as they not only attract a steady stream of new leads but also maintain an impressive collection of 5-star reviews and high Google rankings. Alongside compliments on their polished website, the company is consistently recognized for exemplifying the qualities of "determination," "commitment," and "going the extra mile" – attributes seamlessly embraced with the help of Green Hat. This synergy between their brand identity and customer experience serves as a powerful magnet, drawing in clients who resonate with their values and contributing to their continuous growth. 

“We loved Fabiana’s care and attention, she really listened to us and addressed all of our questions and concerns. She took time to really develop our brand.” 

At a Glance:


  • Prior branding and word-of-mouth efforts yielded diminishing outcomes.
  • Challenging short-term growth goals required brand differentiation.
  • Needed a more strategic way to attract new customers.


  • 100% Brand Satisfaction 
  • _% Increase in website traffic thanks to Keywords and Taglines
  • 100% of Client reviews support the Brand identity

"[Our Account Manager was] amazing to work with. She was so patient and had a genuine desire to get to know our business. She truly got to know us and understood the strengths behind our company. She was able to completely develop our company's personality and inspired us to bring to light the unique attributes that our business has…"

Karima Fuentes

Extreme Painting Co-CEO