Sistah Biz Ranked Number One In the World for “Black Women Business Training”.

A Case Study


Sistah Biz Global Network is a world leader in coaching and training black women through facilitating business planning, resources, and collaboration.


After their founding in 2018, Sistah Biz was still struggling with slow lead generation. After looking into various digital marketing providers, Makisha ultimately decided to work with our experts because of our comprehensive and affordable marketing plan.


Our experts helped Sistah Biz transition into the world of digital marketing with a full suite of solutions, including:

  • SEO
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Search Ads
  • YouTube Improvements
  • Social Ads

Through extensive keyword research focused on their target market and business goals, Green Hat narrowed down Sistah’s primary objectives to a list of 60+ keywords with:

  • High Buyer Intent, 
  • Low Google Ad Cost and 
  • High Search Volume

As part of our comprehensive marketing analysis and SEO improvements, Green Hat helped Sistah track new site interaction, conversion, and acquisition data through the use of Google Analytics reports. These reports allowed Sistah Biz to optimize their spending and marketing through a better understanding of how to reach their target audience.

Lastly, the client implemented their keywords across all digital platforms. By including a high volume of keywords on these platforms that addressed a specific target audience with high buyer intent, we were able to help consumers find services that they truly needed, and help Sistah connect with an ideal market. 


Sistah Biz Global Network has since been able to expand to 3 different continents in the past 5 years with the help of Green Hat’s SEO solutions and positive forecasting data.

"A lot of people [have good content] but they don't know what to measure or how to measure it," Makisha said. "That's why SEO is important and we're so grateful to have Green Hat with us during this period of [growth]".

A Clear Brand and Service Identity

Sistah Biz saturation of applicable, high buyer intent keywords has allowed them to create a clear Brand and product identity. Because consumers are able to easily understand the services that Sistah Biz offers, and how those services can help them solve their real world entrepreneurial problems. Sistah Biz ranks number one for: 

  • “Business Coaching for Black Women”
  • “Black Women Business Training” 
  • “Successful Black Business Women”

"Ranking number one for 'Business Coaching for Black Women' gave me the opportunity to improve conversions [for my new app]".

Better Reporting for Better Marketing

With their strong focus on upscaling their lead generation, Sistah Biz loves having access to the data that Green Hat helped them set up. The data present on their configured Google Analytics account allows Sistah to gain a better understanding of who their target audience is and where they are coming from so they can optimize their marketing efforts. 

The data also offers useful KPIs to the team and potential investors. By looking at important ROAs, conversion metrics, and member retention rates, Sistah is able to pinpoint key areas for needed growth, while simultaneously putting their best foot forward when talking to investors.

"To have informed conversations with investors you need to know where users are coming from, how many users you have, your churn rate, MRR, etc." Green Hat was able to help Sistah Biz set up weekly data reports to access all of this data.

Continued Business Growth

In only 12 months, with the help of Green Hat’s SEO optimization services, Sistah Biz was able to increase their site users by 1,284%. As their membership numbers continue to grow, Sistah Biz has trusted our experts to continue in conversion optimizations and SEO recommendations. Retention rates remain higher than ever, and Sistah Biz is excited about the next phases of their process to support black women in entrepreneurial positions. 

At a Glance:


  • Slow lead generation.
  • Limited funding
  • Trouble collecting the right data


  • 1,284% increase in site users in one year
  • Recognized by 9News for their outstanding-ness in “helping black women succeed in business” 
  • 4,300+ New users from social media acquisitions. 

" Thanks for your guidance."

Makisha Boothe

Sistah Biz Global Network CEO