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How to Create a Successful PPC Campaign

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Ryan Masterson

CEO & Co-Founder,

Green Hat Web Solutions

Michael Bevis

Michael Bevis

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

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Wednesday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Series Description: Although the transition to ecommerce began long before COVID-19, the global pandemic has accelerated the process beyond what anyone could have predicted. Now is a great time to get into ecommerce, whether you haven’t started your business yet, or if you already have a brick and mortar store. We know that creating an ecommerce business can be confusing. That’s why Green Hat Web Solutions, The Commons on Champa, and Denver Economic Development & Opportunity have partnered to develop an entire series of live webinars about how to be successful selling online.

Title: How to Create a Successful PPC Campaign

Event Description: One of the most important aspects of running successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns comes from understanding the different tools at your disposal. Their function is to assist you in targeting the right users, that is, the users with the highest intent to buy what you are selling.

We will discuss how to write compelling ads, enticing people to click on them, and how to increase the probability that your readers will go on to purchase your product or convert on your website. At this webinar, you will learn techniques to save you time and lower your expenses. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to effective PPC campaigns
  • How to find the best keywords
  • How to take advantage of certain PPC settings
  • Our recommended PPC campaign strategies
  • Common mistakes that you should avoid
  • And more!

Let us help you discover the best answers for you and your business. And don’t worry if your question isn’t listed here, we’ll cover even more topics in this webinar or later in the series. Join us on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 11:00am MST via Zoom to learn more about How to Create a Successful PPC Campaign.

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Green Hat Web Solutions is a web design and development agency based in Denver, Colorado. They specialize in creating high-performing websites, marketing, SEO, and branding services. Green Hat has helped multiple clients set up and market ecommerce websites, and has also hosted many meetup events designed to boost your business’s success.

Denver Economic Development & Opportunity is leading an inclusive and innovative economy for all Denver residents, businesses, and neighborhoods. By supporting local and global business development, workforce development programs, and stabilization efforts in Denver’s diverse neighborhoods, we are creating opportunity for everyone to make a home, get a job, and build a future.

The Commons on Champa is a nonprofit organization focused on providing a community space to collaborate and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Denver, Colorado. They host educational business events and provide startup and small business support and mentorship. These events are created to promote entrepreneurial success and economic development in Denver.

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See you there!

Ryan Masterson

CEO and Co-founder of Green Hat Web Solutions

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