Carnivore Trading

Unleashing the Bulls: A Ferociously Revamped Web and Graphic Design for Wall Street’s Financial Lions


Carnivore Trading gives its subscribers real-time insights into the stock market using SMS messages and emails. Green Hat acts as Carnivore Trading’s website management team by creating and implementing solutions to improve the site. Green Hat also provides support and assistance to Carnivore Trading’s distribution system of subscriber alerts (Klaviyo and Metorik).

We provided extensive support for a client’s ecommerce website, creating an affiliate program through TUNE and custom code, as well as managing coupon codes through WooCommerce. Our team also integrated Klaviyo and provided ongoing maintenance and support. We maintained and hosted the WordPress site, enabling it to capture email addresses for future marketing campaigns, and provided tech support for subscribers experiencing problems. To enhance the site’s credibility, we added subscriber testimonials and automated email campaigns through Metorik. Additionally, we supported the creation and distribution of customer satisfaction surveys using Metorik and Hypermail. To improve the site’s overall appearance and performance, we made design and branding improvements and optimized its performance.