Dental Lifeline

Illuminating Smiles All Around: Designing a Non-Profit Dentist Website with a Radiant and Brightening Theme


In order to redesign the Dental Lifeline website to meet the needs of their patients, volunteers, and donors, we first identified the main user personas and their expectations. We gathered feedback from internal stakeholders and collected complaints and wishes for the new site from the Dental Lifeline team. We then executed usability testing with external individuals to get a regular user’s perspective on the site. Additionally, we analyzed Google Analytics website data to understand user activity, page views, demographics, and other key metrics.

Our goals for the new website were to improve the user flow for the three main audiences and the DLN team, condense the site with fewer pages, and make it easier to navigate. We updated the design and utilized the Elementor page builder, which improved the website’s security and performance. We also focused on improving the back end of the site to make it easier to edit and to reduce load times. With our user-friendly page builder, Dental Lifeline’s team can easily make edits to the pages and ensure the website stays up to date with the latest version releases of the theme and plugins, maintaining a secure and reliable online presence.