Fostering Growth for Intellectual Individuals: Elevating an Online School with thoughtfully designed SEO Content and Web Design


mySchool provides online education to students of grades K-12. Green Hat manages the public-facing marketing websites of mySchool’s various sub brands, providing routine WordPress maintenance, rapid bug support, JS custom solutions, form support, and more.

Our team was tasked with resolving priority items for our client, which included routine WordPress and plugin maintenance, hosting support and updates, as well as rapid solutions to outages and bugs. We also worked on various projects as per the client’s request, such as page redirection and logging. We enabled error reporting via WP plugins and provided JavaScript custom code and support, as well as support for Salesforce and FormStack. Additionally, we added real-time address validation and field validation for FormStack forms on the site and provided styling and technical support. Our services also included WordPress development and support, Yoast and XML sitemap support, and performance optimization for Google’s Page Speed Insights.