GA4 is here

Google Analytics 4 is Here – The Challenges and Benefits of GA4

Google Analytics 4, also known as G4, is the latest version of Google Analytics. It has many new features that make it easier to track your website analytics and improve your digital marketing strategy.

Google is making a huge change with their privacy policies and procedures in order to comply with GDPR standards. The changes are mainly about how they handle user data, but there are other significant changes as well. With the transition to GA4, Google will have more transparency and control for users, stronger security measures, and compliance with GDPR standards.

This transition to GA4 will be a major change for the way Google handles user data. The new system will have more transparency and control for users. It also includes stronger security measures.

On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties, the old Google Analytics, will stop processing new hits. All websites should make the necessary preparations to use Google Analytics 4 going forward, and ideally they should start as soon as possible.

While the changeover to GA4 is not necessarily a complex process, especially for seasoned digital marketers or web developers, those not directly involved in the day to day marketing operations might have difficulties, or might be worried that they have not completed all the necessary steps to ensure that their historical data is safe and they are collecting all their new data going forward.

Another challenge website owners may face, especially those with more complex websites and specifically those website owners using their websites to generate leads or sales, is configuring the events and conversions that make Google Analytics such a powerful tool for marketers. G4s powerful new insights features are essential to website owners and digital marketers, and special care should be taken to ensure that these events are captured correctly and configured as conversions where necessary.

There is a more detailed explanation of the new features available on G4 and the necessary steps to take to ensure a successful transition from the old Universal Analytics platform to G4 on Google’s Google Analytics 4 Page .

At Green Hat, we understand that this is a shocking and quick transition for many people. The good news is that there are many new beneficial features coming with GA4 and we are excited to help you implement them. As part of our services, Green Hat would like to offer to help you transition your site and all of your old data over to GA4 and, in addition, add Google Tag Manager to your site, which is essential to tracking in G4.

Green Hat also offers SEO assistance, marketing project management services, and analytics report services if you are interested but are not yet using Google Analytics or would like assistance.