Live Event: Mastering WordPress for Non-Developers

What are the top things you should know about WordPress without being a developer? How can you maximize it for your business? WordPress is a very popular solution for powering websites. It is quick to setup, easy for editors to add and edit content, and scalable for developers.

How to not lose your organic SEO rankings in 2019

SEO Year In Review: 2018 In 2018, Google released several updates that impacted the way we approach search engine optimization for our clients. From tool improvements to algorithm updates, the SEO team at Green Hat has used these new developments as opportunities to improve service to our clients and give them the positive results they … Continued

FREE WORKSHOP: Website Redesign 101

FREE Workshop on Website Redesign 10 Critical Things You Need to Consider to Redesign   Is it time for redesign?   Click here for a copy of the presentation slides: How to Redesign a Website. Last year* published six important reasons for redesigning your website: 1. It looks outdated. 2. It is not responsive … Continued

FREE Workshop: What is coming in the 2020’s for SEO?

FREE Workshop on New Approaches to SEO for the 2020’S   HOW TO PREPARE Is your website ready?   **This Special FREE Workshop is part of Colorado Small Business Week**   In the 2010’s Google introduced the major algorithm updates Panda and Penguin. These updates rewarded high-quality sites and cracked down on sites with huge … Continued

FREE Workshop: Mastering WordPress For Non-Developers

FREE Workshop on WordPress for Non-Developers   TIPS & TRICKS FOR SUCCESS   Millions of websites are powered by WordPress. Yes, you can master it!   What are the top things you should know about WordPress without being a developer? How can you maximize this powerful tool for your business? WordPress is a very popular … Continued


FREE Workshop on how to improve your website’s traffic by using simple SEO tactics   Do I always have to spend a fortune with SEO to increase traffic to my website? OF COURSE NOT!   At this workshop we will give you the knowledge and tools for successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You don’t have … Continued

Workshop: Small Biz Retirement Plan – Understand your Options

FREE Workshop on how to easily identify which retirement plan best fits the size of business that you have   BUSINESSES GROW AND CHANGE. YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN SHOULD TOO!   According to a recent BMO Wealth Management survey of 400 small business owners, a striking 75% of survey respondents age 18 to 64 have saved less … Continued

Workshop: Making Strategic Planning Easier: Key Performance Indicators

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS based on BSC FREE Workshop on how to easily identify WHAT and HOW to measure what matters MAKING STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLANNING EASIER: What makes a performance indicator “key”? How many KPIs to use and which ones? What type of information should be provided for each KPI? How can we communicate them effectively? Key Performance Indicators based … Continued

Workshop: Making Strategic Planning Easier: Strategic Map

About our last workshop: Our first Balanced Scorecard – Strategic Map workshop was a true success! We had 20 participants sharing their experiences and challenges on defining strategic objectives for their business. We practiced together how to use a company’s strategic objectives to create a strategic map that considers four main business perspectives (financial, customers, … Continued